FORM - Change

With “Change”, FORM offers us something to dance on until their next project releases some time around the end of the year. Led by an energetic beat bouncing on a wavy bassline, Hausmane’s voice floats between and expresses how “change” is a very personal notion, and how pushy it feels when someone’s tryna do it for us. A very important mindset that only yourself can initiate: “we try to change others, people try to change us, but it’s basically you vs. you”.

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NOW119 Change
[NOW119 - 1]
0 2'59 FORM Electro-pop. Groovy, lourd, rythmé & progression. Chanteur, section [...] chanteur , catchy, electro-pop, mode, nocturne [...] Em 128
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BPM 10
300 ou KEYS