Alter Real - Elevate

As a composer with an obsessional sense of perfectionism, Alter Real is getting out of his usual pop patterns, pushing the boundaries of his sound and trying to experiment: “This EP is all about collaborating, producing for rappers I love and getting them in a different position than what they are used to. I’ve always listened to a lot of hip hop and I’ve always wanted to produce some. I felt like it was now or never and started exploring new beats, new sounds, new textures. It was a challenge but it also felt like a release.” – Alter Real

Albums suggérés

Album Titre Alt. Durée Compo/Artiste Description Mots-clés Key BPM
NOW138 Release (ft. Heem Ze Loner & [...]
[NOW138 - 1]
0 2'48 Alter Real, Heem Ze Loner, Sara Lugo Electro pop. Groovy & urbain, attitude & catchy. Rappeur, chanteuse, [...] urbain, actuel, attitude, chanteur , chanteuse [...] Em 96
NOW138 Yams (ft. Charles X)
[NOW138 - 2]
0 3'37 Alter Real, Charles X Rap electro. Fier, déterminé & lourd. Rappeur, synthé & rythmique. sport extrême & de combat, actuel, attitude, chanteur , déterminé [...] Gm 80
NOW138 Life Work (ft. Jai Nitai [...]
[NOW138 - 3]
0 2'50 Alter Real, Jai Nitai Lotus Rap anglais. Obstiné, lourd & attitude. Rappeur, synthé & rythmique. actuel, attitude, chanteur , lourd, paysage urbain [...] Em 83
[NOW138 - 4]
0 1'26 Alter Real Electro pop. Introspectif, atmosphérique & rêveur. Voix autotunée, [...] actuel, atmosphérique, auto-tune, electro-pop, hypnotique [...] Fm 87
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BPM 10
300 ou KEYS