Issey Miyake - Spring/Summer 2020

Musique : "African Nights" de Laurent Dumont, Julien Matrot, Eric Muller et Maurin Zahnd. Album : Afro Beat [GUM7081]

"Three transparent hoop-stretched, horizontally color-striped dresses (plus hats) were lowered from their hiding place in the eaves above onto the arms-uplifted wearers. What sounded like a Fela Kuti jam (it was “African Nights” by Eric Muller and Maurin Zahnd), irresistible, started to play, and the models did what the music made you want to. As they bounced, so did the dresses, up and down against the wearer, thanks to signature Miyake springiness. It was great, the highlight moment in a show in which Kondo—please forgive the obvious gag—decluttered the careworn debris of the modern fashion experience by highlighting the potential of clothes that spark joy."

Luke Leitch, Vogue Magazine, 27/09/2019

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