History of Colour EP - El Búho - Barrio Lindo

El Buho aka Robin Perkins, an Englishman living in Amsterdam, and Barrio Lindo real name Agustin Rivaldo, an Argentine living in the southern suburbs of Buenos Aires, have never met in real life. But through the power of the internet, they’ve teamed up to create, collaborate and file swap, birthing the 6 track EP, History of Colour. ZZK Records is proud to be at the intersection of these two emerging and exciting new artists and release their music to the world.

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Album Titre Alt. Durée Compo/Artiste Description Mots-clés Key BPM
ZZK018 History of Colour
[ZZK018 - 1]
0 3'34 Barrio Lindo, El Búho Electronic tropical broken beat. Introduction tendre. Rêveur, chaud [...] organique electro, Andes, atmosphérique, broken beat, constant [...] Dbm 90
ZZK018 Orinoco
[ZZK018 - 2]
0 4'52 Barrio Lindo, El Búho Latin electronica. percussion électronique, synthétiseur, xylophone, constant, exotique [...] Em 90
ZZK018 Marri Yanada Feat Lucila [...]
[ZZK018 - 3]
0 3'40 Barrio Lindo, El Búho, Lucila Domniguez Latin electronica. synthétiseur, percussion électronique, rêveur, rythmique, arty [...] Ab 80
ZZK018 Loa
[ZZK018 - 4]
0 4'44 Barrio Lindo, El Búho Tropical electro. Atmosphérique, nocturne & tendre. Piano, synthé & [...] atmosphérique, ensemble percussions ethniques, exotique, nocturne, organique electro [...] Em 83
ZZK018 Confluencia
[ZZK018 - 5]
0 3'43 Barrio Lindo, El Búho Latin electronica. rythmique, en attente, en suspens, froid, hypnotique [...] Dbm 90
ZZK018 Synesthesia
[ZZK018 - 6]
0 3'49 Barrio Lindo, El Búho Tropical electro. Atmosphérique, organique & patient. Percussion [...] exotique, synthétiseur, Andes, constant, forêt tropicale [...] Ebm 140
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BPM 10
300 ou KEYS